Total Recall


On July 16 comes the release of Total Recall, Ultimate Rekall Edition on triple play; a digitally restored version of director Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi classic.

 Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Douglas Quaid, the year is 2084 and the third world war has come and gone. The planet Mars has been colonized, and it plagues the dreams of Quaid, who constantly ponders visiting it. Alternatively to this he is given the choice of memory implants to trick him into thinking he has been there, but as Quaid begins this process, his world takes on a new twisted and unexpected turn.

 Also starring Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside and Ronny Cox; Total Recall can still be considered a great work of science fiction cinema since its original release in 1990. Although visually it does seem slightly dated in comparison to other dystopian films such as Blade Runner, its underlying themes of world politics, posthumanism and biotechnology remain as relevant as ever in today’s postmodern age.

Schwarzenegger is impressive as our action hero, combining humorous one-liners with great combat sequences. Total Recall manages to combine comedy, action and real issues of science which will please fans who already cherish the film and fascinate newcomers alike.

 This new edition also features much new material, such as making of and special effects featurettes and a commentary from Verhoeven and Schwarzenegger.




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