Life Just Is : ie. the worst film of all time.


For a film that has absolutely nothing to say…there is an awful lot to be said about it. An apparent story of a group of friends who have just graduated and are having difficulties over what to do next, Life Just Is is an hour and forty minutes of utter garbage.

 Written and directed by Alex Barrett, and containing a cast from the likes of Holby City, Eastenders and Casualty; it has the worst script ever to have graced the silver screen. For a group of people who are meant to be close friends, they don’t seem to have a single thing to say to one another. The dialogue pretty much goes along the lines of “Are you okay?”…”Yes”…five minutes of trying to look wistfully into their bedroom wall…”What happened?”…”Nothing”…etc etc.

 The film should also be recognised for its horrific acting. It is just impossible to take these people seriously. I spent most of the film shaking and crying to disguise my need to laugh but at one point it just got too much, whereby the person I was with started to as well and then about half the audience joined in. I would like to give a special mention to Fiona Ryan for doing a terrific job of chewing a piece of toast then starting a very slow, boring discussion with her friend without the need to even swallow her food. Also, when walking past your flatmate’s bedroom to hear them having loud sex…you do not stop at the door and smile coyly to yourself…you run away as fast as you can and think ‘that’s rank’.

 Life Just Is isn’t worthy of any stars, but since it was so hilarious in all its awfulness it is awarded 0.5/5


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