The Cabin in the Woods

Director: Drew Goddard

Writers: Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard

Cast: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz, Anna Hutchinson, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Amy Acker

As five teenagers set off for a weekend of shenanigans at a remote cabin, The Cabin in the Woods looks like it’s going to be another generic horror piece, with blood and guts flying left, right and centre – but all is not what it seems.

Without giving away too many plot details, the audience is instantly given an insight into the ‘monsters’ that are behind the terror that await the group of friends. What initially seems like a typical slasher flick turns itself right on its head, with the victims giving it their all to outwit their perpetrators.

Director Drew Goddard and writer Joss Whedon are clearly no strangers to horror. While showing a love for the genre through references to The Evil Dead and Carrie to name but a few, the pair also exhibit the desensitisation our world has become used to – mainly due to the recent trend in ‘torture porn’.

Using comedy in place of actual scares, the film gives us a total deconstruction of horror conventions; giving us a smart new outlook on the genre. In the final act Cabin pits our heroes/victims against a number of outlandish and ridiculous monstrous creatures (unicorn anyone?), and brilliant visual imagery abounds along with witty one-liners, the type Whedon fans will be used to.

One which will no doubt divide horror fans due to its lack of actual scares, The Cabin in the Woods is a creative labour of love from its makers; remaining faithful to the classics and throwing the finger up at anyone who thinks slicing and dicing equals quality.


Audio commentary with writer/director Drew Goddard and writer/producer Joss Whedon
“We Are Not Who We Are: Making The Cabin in the Woods” featurette
“The Secret Secret Stash” featurette
Marty’s Stash
Hi, my name is Joss and I’ll be your guide
Wonder-Con Q&A with Joss and Drew
“An Army of Nightmares: Make-Up & Animatronic Effects” featurette
“Primal Terror: Visual Effects” featurette



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