Harrison Ford: The Master of Fancy-Dress


After having just endured the half nightmare/half brilliance that is ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’ – knowing full well how ashamed George Lucas is of this extraordinary feature, so much so he has done much to ensure as few people have access to it as possible – I was intrigued to know what Harrison Ford made of this film. I think Ford is brilliant but I have read numerous times how much he hates Star Wars and Blade Runner. The first is perfectly understandable, and I think the second is mainly due to the production calamity of Blade Runner. In the making-of documentary Dangerous Days, Ford explicitly states that he was not happy with the theatrical ending, and as an actor who likes to give a lot of input to his roles, if he was unable to do this I can also see why.

This had led me to believe that Ford must be a scary and unapproachable guy, but after watching numerous interviews with him on Youtube…he is completely hilarious. I think it was Conan O’Brien brought up and showed a hilarious clip from the Holiday Special, to which he hung his head in shame and thanked the audience for their applause. However on the David Letterman show, what was revealed really fantastic…that he and his other half, Calista Flockhart, take their son ‘trick or treating’ as the Yanks like to say in full costume every year. As someone who will enthusiastically design and take pride in any occasion that requires a costume, the following images really did leave me in awe and with a great amount of respect for this hero!






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