Breaking Bad Recap: s5e14 – Ozymandias

With only one more episode until the series finale, Breaking Bad is really starting to pick up speed. This week’s episode, ‘Ozymandias’, was quite the nail biter.

The episode picked up where last week’s finished, with Hank and his partner in a stand-off with Todd and co. This was never going to end well, but I was sufficiently shocked at what took place. Not only is Hank dead, but his body now rests in the exact spot that Walt’s barrels of money were formerly buried in. in trying to bargain for Hank’s life by offering Todd’s uncle his hidden cash, Walt showed that while he may be a science whizz, he is sometimes lacking in common sense. Now, having lost most of his fortune, he has little to show for his actions, and the mighty Heisenberg is reduced to scrambling around the desert with his remaining 11 million dollars.

In case anyone was still in doubt as to Walt’s morality, he remains intent on having Jesse killed, despite everything that has just taken place. When Todd decides to take Jesse home to apparently gain information before shooting him, Walt tells Jesse that he watched Jane die – that he was in a position to save her but chose not to do so. This is a spiteful confession to make, and only serves to make Walt seem cowardly: he’s not willing to get his hands dirty, whether that be by killing Jesse himself, or intervening to save someone’s life.

To me it was pretty clear what Todd wanted Jesse for, to cook for him. The moment when Todd brings Jesse to the cooking lab and chains him up made me feel rather uncomfortable, as it seemed like a scene straight out of an Eli Roth film. This episode was so sadistic, it started to make me question my own complicity in the events.

With Walt Junior now not only knowing about Walt’s meth dealing, but actually calling the police after wrestling a kitchen knife from his hands, it’s safe to say that Walt is truly on his own now. This was further noted when Holly, having been kidnapped in a moment of spite – this time towards Skyler – cried out for her mother.

At this point I really don’t have much clue what direction the next episodes are going to take. I was unclear whether Walt intentionally told Skyler on the phone that she was implicated in his doings as much as he is, thus landing her in hot water with the police. In the flash-forwards given at the beginning and middle of the season, Walt has cut a lonely figure; though it is evident that he still has contacts. After the events of Ozymandias though, it seems safe to say that he will no longer have the aid of his family. However, with Breaking Bad, it’s probably best not to make any guesses, as in this world there’s still time for the seemingly impossible to happen.


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