The Veronica Mars Movie: What we Know

Despite my mixed feelings about Kickstarter funding (Tom Lenk – I’m looking at you and your lack of rewards three years later), the success of the Veronica Mars movie project is a huge victory for the show’s fans, while also highlighting the ever-changing nature of the film industry. Such as with Netflix’s original programming achievements such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards,  viewers now hold a greater amount of control over the media they consume. They can view such shows when they want and in whatever format they want.

Despite Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and lead actress Kristen Bell having been willing and ready to create the movie for many years now, the studio whom owned the rights to the show were unconvinced of such a projects likelihood of turning a profit. However, now, thanks to the generosity of the show’s Marshmallows, the film is now complete, and will be released within the next few months. So what do we know about the Veronica Mars  movie?

– It’s scheduled for release in US cinemas in March this year.

– It’s unclear whether the film will have an international release, but the DVD will be available to buy from April.

– Most of the show’s original main cast will return, including – Veronica (Kristen Bell), Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), Logan (Jason Dohring), Wallace (Percy Daggs III), Weevil (Francis Capra), Dick (Ryan Hansen), Gia (Krysten Ritter), Mac (Tina Majorino), and Leo (Max Greenfield).

– There will also be appearances from other famous faces, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Justin Long and James Franco.

– Veronica is now a big shot lawyer, but will return to Neptune to help out in a case involving old-flame Logan Echolls.

– There will be a Neptune High ten year school reunion, where sparks are likely to fly.

– From the trailer, it is clear that Veronica has someone new in her life, but on her return to her old town, old feelings may (hopefully) re-emerge with Logan.

Check out the trailer for yourself below:


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