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Best of the Golden Globes 2014

Oh to live the lives of the rich and famous/beautiful. But still, the Golden Globes are a fun ceremony, and this year’s proved to be no different.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler continuing to perform a top-notch hosting job, poking fun numerous times at the Hollywood double standard:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitting with the film crowd instead of the lowly TV actors (she was nominated twice):

Julia Louis-Dreyfus eating a hot-dog:

Joaquin Phoenix showing up, and looked like he was having a genuinely good time:



A drunk Emma Thomson took her cocktail onstage before throwing her Louboutin’s away:

Awkward moment between Bono and Diddy:

Bono quite happy to share a moment with Amy Poehler:

(who then won in her category):

The crew of Breaking Bad’s Best TV Drama acceptance speech:

Leo DiCaprio finally wins something (his last GG was for The Aviator in 2005 – in Dicaprio terms, that’s a long time…is an Oscar finally on the cards?):

So did Matthew McConaughey, who also gave an amazing acceptance speech:

Having up until now been overlooked in such a promising list of nominations, Steve McQueen and 12 Years A Slave walked away with Best Picture – Drama:


Conversations with James Gray: a book by Jordan Mintzer


‘Conversations with James Gray’ is an hefty and in-depth book about the filmmaker by writer Jordan Mintzer. Although I personally do not know much about Gray’s work, having only seen We Own the Night and Two Lovers (the director has actually only made four full length features to date); I found this to be an extremely well researched labour of love from Mintzer.

At almost 250 pages, the book is filled with superb interviews, from Gray himself – in which he honestly details his life growing up and the process of how he came to be interested in film (having a particular love for Apocalypse Now); as well as with cast members such as Tim Roth, Mark Whalberg and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The pages are interwoven with great images (both screen stills and off set), as well as script excerpts, artwork and music manuscripts from Howard Shore.

James Gray may be a little known filmmaker to many, but obviously to others his work holds a wealth of meaning. Few artists would be lucky to have such a well-written and lengthy tribute dedicated to them, and the text has sparked my interest to seek out more of Gray’s work in the future.

Lastly, the book is scripted simultaneously in English and French, having been published by the French company Synecdoche Books.

To purchase please visit their website http://synecdoche.fr/en.